My name is Samantha Hudak / I am a Graphic Designer & UX & UI Designer
My name is Samantha, and I’m a graphic designer & ux/ui designer. I craft how the user interacts with designed interactive experiences; as well as focusing on how to cultivate more user focused design to increase utility and enjoyment of user interactions. As a designer and a person, I aspire to change a life through my design. If we utilize and understand how a product can effect someone, put ourselves in their shoes, than we can ultimately devise the best solution. I gather inspiration from everyday life, and introspectively ask myself how I could make a design, product, interface or experience better. The bottom line is that I truly enjoy working with others, hearing other peoples stories and I inspire to better understand the world around me. 
When I'm not working on new projects, or sipping on the iced coffee I'm probably playing video games or watching Game of Thrones. My favorite podcast is This American Life, and my favorite band is Paramore.
If you’d like to learn more about me, start a project, chat or shoot ideas at me; send me an email or find me on social media!

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